GEOTEC - Passionate about mechanical engineering

For more than 25 years, we have been passionate about developing and manufacturing drilling rigs for geothermal, geotechnics and water wells at our plant in Nordkirchen. From our ROTOMAX M – our little all-rounder – to our ROTOMAX TY – the drilling rig built onto an HGV – our product portfolio impresses with solutions that meet your requirements.

With our innovative products, not only do we contribute to the sustainability of resources, but we also secure many jobs for our now 140 employees in the region.

The foundation stone for a good idea does not always have to reach far back into the past. Our success story begins in 1973 (…)

We are proud to manufacture products that are “Made in Germany”. So with us everything comes from one supplier – well, almost everything (…)

The idea of MAXE arose purely coincidentally in 1996 during the design of the GEOTEC logo (…)

As an innovative company, we believe it is our duty to mitigate and compensate the effects of climate change (…)