Our manufacturing:

Geotec – we support “Made in Germany”!

We are proud to manufacture products that are “Made in Germany”. So with us everything comes from one supplier – well, almost everything. With approximately 80% vertical integration, we produce most of the components required ourselves. This not only means that we can ensure high availability of replacement parts, but we can also operate much more sustainably.

The manufacturing process for your new ROTOMAX starts in our own design department, where your requirements are tested and implemented.
Our manufacturing is equipped with modern CNC milling and machining centres. We are therefore able to produce complex workpieces in various dimensions professionally and precisely.

As a specialist welding company certified to DIN EN 1090, we also manufacture welded products as individual parts or complete assemblies.

Our qualified employees with their expertise and craft skills developed over many years are a major component of our success.

Certification and quality assurance

Our quality assurance ensures that all components of our services and manufactured products achieve the specified level of quality. The applicable standard is DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. This quality management system specifies who is responsible for which quality-relevant activities, and which procedures must be complied with for this.

The standard requires a control loop which ensures ongoing further developments in the form of a continuous improvement process. This ensures that the focus on quality is practised each and every day by all of our employees.