Our history

The foundation stone for a good idea does not always have to reach far back into the past. Our success story begins in 1973, with the idea of the Zumholz brothers to build a small mobile drilling rig.

Through the introduction of our first product – our ROTOMAX M – and the foundation of Geotec Bohrtechnik GmbH, the initial idea finally became reality.

Since the foundation of Geotec Bohrtechnik GmbH in 1996, we have grown into an innovative, future-proofed company with more than 140 employees.

Continuous further developments, a distinct practical orientation and proven technical maturity are the cornerstones of our leading market position today.

Even now, we are looking further into the future, and we are convinced that we will continue to provide you with innovative technologies for years to come too.

Our parents said to us “You must save water”. But the summer was hot, and the joy of playing with water was endless. An acquaintance from the neighbourhood was to drill a well in the Zumholz family’s garden. The anticipation of water at no charge was enormous. However, it never happened, because the acquaintance’s machine broke down completely just before work was due to start.

The tinkerers and handymen said to themselves “We’ll build a drilling machine ourselves – we’ll easily manage that.”

After many weeks of work, the first drilling took place on Good Friday 1976 – unfortunately without success. There were too many problems with the drill head and the water flushing. In July 1976 a second attempt was made – this time successfully. The Zumholz brothers struck water at a depth of 23 m, and the record drill depth was 40 m. The drilling rig was continuously further developed from then on.

The joy of getting water free of charge, the ambition to build a drilling rig themselves, and the interest of the Zumholz brothers in tinkering and craftsmanship is what has today made GEOTEC what we are – a leading manufacturer of innovative drilling rigs.

The idea of marketing the home-made drilling rig as a product of our own matures further. Through continuous further developments, in 1995 it is finally possible to exhibit the first prototype at the trade fair in Hanover.

CAD-supported further developments allow the first fully hydraulic drilling rig to be manufactured, with all drilling functions remotely operable, and with load-sensing hydraulics. The birth of the ROTOMAX M.

Further products are developed, and the ROTOMAX XL makes its début at the Bauma trade fair. Over subsequent years the series is optimised and further developed for the geothermal market.
The competitive advantages of our first geothermal drilling rig give us an upswing and the demand for our products increases constantly.

In 2008 we face the move from Südkirchen to Nordkirchen. With a significantly larger manufacturing area, the new production hall provides sufficient space to cover the increasing demand for ROTOMAX drilling rigs.

New ideas continue to be translated into new products during this period. Amongst other things, the ROTOMAX XL series is further enhanced. A solution for extracting jammed drill rods – the BERGEMAX – and the CARRYMAX, ideal for transporting materials to the drilling site, are also developed.

Further exciting events occur in 2015 and 2016. To begin with, the first wheel-mounted drilling rig is supplied, and in 2016 Geotec Bohrtechnik GmbH merges with Maschinenbau Zumholz GmbH, which shares the same building. The name of the combined company is Geotec Bohrtechnik GmbH.

From our foundation to the present, we have been developing innovative drilling technology and continuously updating our ROTOMAX M, Li, XL and TY rig series to reflect the latest technical possibilities and our customers’ requirements.