• Am 01. September ist es soweit. Aus zwei wird eins. Die Geotec Bohrtechnik GmbH fusioniert mit der im gleichen Hause ansässigen Maschinenbau Zumholz GmbH. Der gemeinsame Firmenname:
  • Geotec Bohrtechnik GmbH.


  • Mit der Rotomax TY U 500 wird die erste radgeführte Bohranlage ausgeliefert.


  • Rotomax XL B, die professionelle Brunnenbauanlage, ausgestattet mit Rammkerneinrichtung, 10 t Winde und ergonomisch neu gestalteten Bedienstand geht ans Werk.
  • Geotec Bohrtechnik ist zertifiziert nach DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 – Qualität ist unser Ziel.


Bauma 2013 – Messeneuheiten:

  • Die Rotomax GTKi, ausgestattet mit einem 10 t Kran – Reichweite 9,50 m.
  • Rotomax Control, Motorüberwachung und Bohrdatenerfassung.
  • Die XL “i” Serie ist bis zu 205 kW lieferbar


  • Weltneuheit: Verrohrungsdrehtisch mit neuer, EU – patentrechtlich geschützter Spanntechnologie.
  • Umwelttechnik – Geotec erfüllt für alle Gerätetypen die aktuellen motorspezifischen Abgasnormen.


  • Genial für den Materialtransport zur Bohrstelle – Carrymax aus dem Hause Geotec, neu und funkferngesteuert. Mit dem 33 kW Dieselaggregat transportiert er alles, bis zu 2,4 t Zuladung, dorthin, wo es benötigt wird.


  • As a perfect solution to recover jammed casings, GEOTEC develops and produces a casing recovery device named BERGEMAX 95 and BERGEMAX 190. They produce a pull up force of 95 t and 190 t, respectively.
  • A big news at the Bauma exhibition is the presentation of the ROTOMAX XL GTC i with 168 kW. With its classy design, its convenient handling and its all-around flexibility, the GTC i means efficiency.
  • An ideal solution for the transportation of auxiliary equipment to the drilling point: our new, remote-controllable CARRYMAX prototype by GEOTEC. With its 26 kW diesel engine, it can carry up to 3 t of additional weight to wherever it is needed.


  • The performance of the XL series is further optimized. The ROTOMAX L, unique as far as the relationship between functionality and performance is concerned, is ready for production.


  • GEOTEC Bohrtechnik opens a brand- new, 3,300 m² production hall in Nordkirchen. At the grand opening, the company unveils a new design for the brand name and logo.


  • EasyLift, the GEOTEC rod handling system is ready for production and is presented at the 2007 Bauma exhibition.
  • Our ROTOMAX XL GTC, unchallenged with its combination of compactness, power and total weight, is a new milestone within our ROTOMAX series.


  • The ROTOMAX XL GT with double head unit and a total weight of only 7.5 t is ready for serial production.


  • Our modular constructed drill rigs are a very popular asset to the Bauma exhibition. They are technically upgraded to fulfill the needs of the geothermal sector.


  • Our construction department starts employing 3D construction software to further enhance the quality standard of our ROTOMAX products.


  • The newest development at the Bauma exhibition is the ROTOMAX XL by GEOTEC. In the ensuing years, it is fully developed into a robust serial machine, completely complying with the GEOTEC philosophy as far as compactness, performance and handling are concerned.


  • Our extremely compact high-quality drill rig with a hydraulic casing rotary table is presented at the Bauma exhibition and is renamed as ROTOMAX M. It can be used in various fields of application.


  • The advanced development of the ROTOMAX drill rig is supported by CAD technology and equipped with modern, advanced technology. The first multifunctional, remote-controllable and fully hydraulically powered drill rig with load sensing hydraulic is developed.


  • Foundation of the GEOTEC Bohrtechnik GmbH. The GEOTEC logo and the product name ROTOMAX are registered trademarks.


  • The compact drill rig, controllable via remote control, is on display as a preproduction model at the Hanover exhibition.


  • The idea of developing a drill rig as our own product surfaces.