Our MAXE - a faithful drilling friend

The idea of MAXE arose purely coincidentally in 1996 during the design of the GEOTEC logo. The idea was an immediate winner, but over the course of time it was decided to say farewell to MAXE, simply by allowing him to fade away on the quiet. However, fortunately our loyal customers were able to prevent that.

Since 2017 there has been a new version of our MAXE. With a cooler helmet and in his boiler suit, he now actually holds the drill rod in his hands.

From the very start, he accompanies ROTOMAX drilling rigs to their deployments and has a bird’s eye view from the mast.

However, he is no longer available just as a sticker – he also decorates numerous promotional items, is worn on our customers’ safety helmets and children snuggle him in the form of a cuddly toy.

Just as our Maxe belongs to us, the slogan “Born to drill” also belongs to Geotec. Thanks here to our customer Frank P., who came up with the slogan.