Drilling unit service & Drilling rig service

Service for Drilling Rigs

The GEOTEC all around service is a first-class option you as our customer should make use of. Our customer support for your ROTOMAX drill rigs or special machines goes beyond the successful final inspection and handing-over to our customers. It continues with a ‚Äúqualified partnership‚ÄĚ to go along with a custom-fit machine service.

The reason for our in-depth knowledge of your drill rig is simple: We developed, constructed and produced every drill rig and special machine that is part of the ROTOMAX series. We know exactly what kind of maintenance and support is necessary.

GEOTEC Bohrtechnik GmbH¬†‚Äď highest-quality spare parts

In case something does not work ‚Äď GEOTEC Bohrtechnik provides you with highest-quality original spare parts, custom-fit as far as dimensions and functionality is concerned, as well as skilled mechanics with in-depth knowledge about your machine.

In combination with periodic inspections and service maintenance, this is the only way to maintain the original performance as far as reliability, ease of use, performance and operating efficiency is concerned.

For your company, this means that you as an owner of our machines, can avoid unscheduled shutdown periods and, to go along with it, unexpected expenses.

This way, you can guarantee maximum productivity as well as cost-efficient drilling.

GEOTEC provides for full functionality of your drill rigs, even in the time to come. In case there is a problem, we can support you in a swift and efficient manner.

ROTOMAX Bohrtechnik and special machines ‚Äď precise and reliable!