Geothermal drilling unit Geothermal XL GTC

Geothermal drilling rig, unique in its performance class

Product description

At the moment, the ROTOMAX XL GTC is the largest serial produced drill rig by GEOTEC Bohrtechnik GmbH. Driven by its enormous power and level of motorization, this 13 ton lightweight (when fully equipped with drill rods) is easily able to compete with 18-20 ton drill rigs. Rubber crawler tracks which do not leave damages and the handling system for drill rods are only two of the various features that characterize the XL GTC as being unique in its performance class. The compact dimensions, the excellent operating comfort as well as the light weight provide for maximum operating efficiency, long durability and sufficient output reserves.

Technical data

Power 106 / 130 kW
Width 2,45 m
Total weight 11 + 4 tons (casing/ drillpipes)
Operation system rod handling device
Torque 26.000 Nm
Pull up force 140 kN
Chuck force 178 mm in diameter
Specials container


Further information

The drill rig is versatile usable:

  • geothermal drillings
  • water well sinking
  • underground engineering
  • hydraulic engineering

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