Double head drilling machine Geothermal XL GTi

Modern geothermal drilling machine

Product description

Continual development is essential for professional drill rigs. So it was only a question of when the “normal” XL GT would gain the small addition of “i”and be equipped with a 205-kW diesel engine. Of course, this is accompanied by a substantial boost in power and performance for even more efficient drilling. High torque and retraction force, along with the larger expansion chuck, speak for themselves. The pumps and control technology are very well coordinated. With its narrow unit width, the Rotomax XL GTi can be installed nearly anywhere. A strong partner for easy and hassle-free drilling.

Technical data

Power 168 / 205 kW
Width from 1,80 m
Total weight from 9,0 tons
Torque 36.000 Nm
Pull up force 140 / 180 kN
Chuck force 219 mm in diameter


Further information

GT with an “i”

  • modern Operation
  • for even more power
  • many expansion options
  • perfectly coordinated

Product photos

Examples of usage