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Rotomax TY MB-Unimog

Product description

This is it, the Mercedes Benz Unimog U500 – without a doubt, our TY prototype, though you wouldn’t know by looking at it. Our company’s CAD 3D development center contributed to its formation, solving a detailed puzzle made up of customer requests, technical possibilities, forces and weights with a great deal of passion. Up to this point, everything would be mere theory and nothing tangible if it weren’t for the manufacture and assembly teams who carried out all the work and arranged for lots of new, well-coordinated technical features. On top of all that, the TY U500 meets the requirements of the new standard.

Technical data

Power 240 kW
Width 2,30 m
Total weight 14,5 tons
Torque 10.000 Nm
Pull up force 65 kN
Chuck force 146 mm in diameter


Further information

  • geothermal drilling
  • drilling with augers
  • drilling with a hollow stem auger
  • drilling with a cable percussion device
  • core drilling
  • direct Rotary flush-drilling

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