Well-drilling rig, Driving core, Well-drilling machine & Hydraulic pile hammer

Rotomax TY MB-Arocs 6×6

Product description

Above the high-built driver cab of the Mercedes Benz Arocs, storage space was reduced for the mast when stowed in the transport position. And there are other technical features to enjoy. The dimensions of the mast pole were expanded by a static travel of 7.50 m in order to withstand winds during use. In spite of the mast length, we managed to telescope the mast for comfortable work without any tension. Aside from a pure dry drilling system, expansion options include centrifugal pumps or eccentric screw pumps as well as complete D√ľsterloh machinery for drilling depths of up to 90 m. As is typical of the Geotec company, these are comfortable to operate.

Technical data

Power from 240 kW
Width 2,50 m
Total weight from 14,5 tons
Torque 36.000 Nm
Pull up force from 100 kN
Chuck force 178 mm in diameter
Specials suitable for rotary table 324mm, 419mm, 521mm


Further information

  • geothermal drilling
  • drilling with augers
  • drilling with a hollow stem auger
  • drilling with a cable percussion device
  • core drilling
  • direct Rotary flush-drilling

Product photos

Examples of usage