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Rotomax TY MB-Zetros

Product description

Developed for drilling work in opencast mining – the Mercedes Benz Zetros. The basic vehicle already gives an idea of what is expected of the vehicle. This made the challenge of constructing a coordinated extension even greater for Geotec. In addition to the drilling technology itself, the axle loads, center of gravity and easy, comfortable handling must be ensured. This last factor is primarily achieved through the optimally placed remote control – for the best possible oversight. This makes work significantly easier for assistants, thanks to the mast which can be lowered to the ground.

Technical data

Power 240 kW
Width 2,30 m
Total weight from 14,5 tons
Torque 13.000 Nm
Pull up force from 65 kN
Chuck force 178 mm in diameter


Further information

  • geothermal drilling
  • drilling with augers
  • drilling with a hollow stem auger
  • drilling with a cable percussion device
  • core drilling
  • direct Rotary flush-drilling

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