Rotomax TY Serie

Product description

This product line impresses with small dimensions to go along with peak performance and a perfectly adjusted hydraulic system which guarantees highest productivity. The ROTOMAX L series fits right in between our successful ROTOMAX M and ROTOMAX XL production series. Thus, we can offer you the suitable drill rig and application for every case of operation. Our design, the functionality and the operating comfort has been optimized through our long-lasting experience. It goes without saying that everything is produced according to our excellent GEOTEC standards.



PowerWidthTotal weightTorquePull up forceChuck force

Rotomax TY


240 kW2,30 mfrom 14,5 tons13.000 Nmab 65 kN178 mm in diameter 
Rotomax TY


ab 240 kW2,50 mfrom 14,5 tons36.000 Nmab 100 kN178 mm in diameter 
Rotomax TY


240 kW2,30 m14,5 tons10.000 Nm65 kN146 mm in diameter 

Further information

  • geothermal drilling
  • drilling with augers
  • drilling with a hollow stem auger
  • drilling with a cable percussion device
  • core drilling
  • direct Rotary flush-drilling