Hollow stem auger drilling with Rotomax M Serie

Hollow stem auger – Our tool for geothermal drilling applications

Product description

The ROTOMAX M series is the smallest GEOTEC drill rig and it offers everything you could ask for as far as compactness is concerned. Its marginal width of only 780 mm makes it the ideal drill rig for drilling projects on already developed real estates because of its ability to pass doors and because of the rubber crawler tracks, which will not leave damages on the floor. The ROTOMAX M has a powerful 44 kW diesel engine with 4 cylinders. The multiple variations of assembly, its light weight and its favorable price performance ratio should initiate further interest in this product.

 PowerWidthTotal weightTorquePull up forceSpecials

Rotomax M44 kW0,78 m – 1,20 m2,2 tons4.000 Nm – 12.000 Nm40 kNpreventer system

Rotomax Mi44 kW and 38 kW1,30 m2,4 tons4.000 Nm – 8.000 Nm30 kNPreventersystem,
separat angetriebene
Kreiselpumpe über
den 2. Dieselmotor
Rotomax M GEO44 kW Diesel 0,78 m – 1,20 m2,2 tons4.000 Nm – 8.000 Nm30 kNangled drilling device


Further information

  • geothermal drilling applications
  • drilling with an auger
  • drilling with a hollow stem auger
  • drilling with a cable percussion device
  • core drilling
  • direct Rotary flush-drilling