Unser Doppelkopfbohrgerät – kompakt und stark Our double-head drilling rig – compact and strong Thanks to high torques, our powerful double-head drilling rig ensures effective drilling. The key component is the drive, consisting of two transmissions, by means of which drill rods and casing can be installed simultaneously – ideal for sinking even demanding geothermal […]


Unsere bewährte Technik in dritter Generation Our proven technology in the third generation The ROTOMAX Li is the perfect blend of the ROTOMAX M and the XL series – suitable for cramped spatial conditions and equipped with powerful components, so that deeper drilling projects can also be implemented. Our third generation of the ROTOMAX Li […]


Unser geotechnisches Allround-Talent Our geotechnical talented all-rounder A drilling rig especially for geotechnics. Our ROTOMAX Li B combines the latest machine technology with powerful components and is our talented all-rounder with modest dimensions for your demanding drilling projects. A broad range of equipment options gives you the option to match your drilling rig exactly to […]


Unser vielfältig einsetzbares Allround-Talent Our versatile, talented all-rounder A talented all-rounder for your demanding tasks – our ROTOMAX XL ECO. With a broad range of equipment options, you can adapt your drilling rig precisely to your own needs and perform a wide range of drilling operations. Modern technologies and proven GEOTEC systems promise the ability […]


Unser Doppelkopfbohrgerät mit beeindruckender Power Our double-head drilling rig with impressive power Thanks to very high torques, our most powerful double-head drilling rig ensures effective drilling. Our third generation double-head drilling rig provides excellent performance for deep drillings. Despite its size, the compact, modern design provides huge flexibility and agility of use. In contrast to […]