Geotec is a family owned company with Headquarters in Nordkirchen, Germany.

We specialise in the manufacture of vertical drilling rigs for geothermal, geotechnical and water well boreholes.

We develop and construct our ROTOMAX series of drilling rigs independently at our own production facility, this enables us to manufacture over 90% of the parts in house under our strict quality control guidelines. 

We are currently expanding our existing production area of 3400 m² by another 2000 m² to increase our build capacity and improve lead times for orders. Our drilling rigs are mounted  on a crawler track base or on/off highway vehicles. The range of rigs can be from 2t to till 26t in size & weight.

We have a vast customer base throughout Europe and in cooperation with our UK customers and support we have optimised our drilling rig series for the UK drilling requirements and are very proud that we delivered two of our geothermal drilling rigs in 2020 to the UK and are looking forward to further new orders in this growing market. In order to support our customer base in UK, we have a service partner “Kaymech Solutions Ltd“ in Derbyshire with spare parts stock and mobile service support.